Lighting Consultant and Landscape Artist


As an artist and designer, Ajay Gulati understands deeply the importance of light in creating breathtaking experiences. Ajay’s play with light and his hands-on approach have inspired several people and organisations to invite him to design and remodel spaces and events around the world. His projects include prime venues in India such as UB City, Bangalore, Cocoparra, Pune, Club Fresh, Goa, Aquatica, Goa, Percept|Art Gallery, Mumbai, Studio Napean, Mumbai and international venues and galleries such as Galleri Laessoe,  Denmark, Baobab Cultural Center, Rochester-New York, Kalart Gallery, San Francisco, Cafe Cocomo, San Francisco among others.

Ajay’s style is minimalistic, with a focus on elegance and design solutions for creating the desired effect. The minimalism is also reflected in his choice of materials and lighting with low power consumption. His use of warm lights with adjustable luminosity gives the venue flexibility for creating different moods. Ajay’s lighting is known to enhance the ambiance by infusing an ethereal quality.