Ajay Gulati is a contemporary artist and sculptor. Over a period of thirty years, he has produced more than 1,500 works of art in various media including wood, fiberglass, metal, clay, oils, interference gels and acrylic polymers. His studies in isometric and perspective drawings emerge in his work as a three-dimensional experience on a 2-D surface. The transition from coarse sculpted textures and colours to finer layers, dissolving towards a depiction of Light, is the signature technique that breathes life into his art.

The versatility in his style is expressed in a range of genres – from impressionism, abstract expressionism, surrealism and magic realism. Applying the principles of Sacred Geometry through the Compressed Sculpture technique, he brings forth intricate harmony combining matter and spirit. His creations are a contemplation on the purpose of Life, and offer portals for awakening and elevation of consciousness.

Ajay Gulati has exhibited in India and internationally, including Denmark, Toronto, New York, San Francisco, Washington DC, Mumbai and Bangalore. He holds the record for the maximum number of international solo exhibitions by any resident Indian artist below the age of fifty. His unique style and extensive media coverage have made Ajay Gulati a prominent Contemporary Artist and he has gained the support of patrons worldwide.

Some events or experiences, in rare moments, bring an increment of change or paradigm shift.

I observe as I am deeply intrigued by the phenomena that elevate consciousness.

Through my work, I absorb and share the essence of these special moments that inspire and bring realization.

~ Ajay Gulati


Travels and Inspirations

Since the last twenty five years, the artist spends half the year living and working in forests, beaches and expanses, far from the noise of urban life. He also spends at least a month trekking in the Himalayas. Uninterruptedly observing the play of light within and without manifests in the natural creation of his art.